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Symptoms of Kidney Disease, What You Need To Know

Kidney health is vital for whole body wellness, for when the kidneys are not functioning correctly, the body as a whole becomes ill. As with other diseases, the body will give signs and indications that there is something wrong when the kidneys fail to cleanse the blood and get rid of the toxins and waste. […]

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Metabolic Acidosis: Kidney Symptom or Something Else?

Individuals who are not familiar with complicated medical terms may feel a little lost when their doctor tells them that their tests have come back and some unpronounceable term has become a problem. In the case of metabolic acidosis (a kidney disease symptom), which can be pronounced if not readily understood by the lay person, […]

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Kidney Symptoms: Urine Elimination Changes and What They May Mean

Healthy individuals will urinate several times daily and some will also go one or two times during the night. If you have noticed an increase in the frequency of urination, or at the other end of the spectrum, not as frequent urination as is normal for you, then there may be some problems within your […]

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