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Metabolic Acidosis: Kidney Symptom or Something Else?

Individuals who are not familiar with complicated medical terms may feel a little lost when their doctor tells them that their tests have come back and some unpronounceable term has become a problem. In the case of metabolic acidosis (a kidney disease symptom), which can be pronounced if not readily understood by the lay person, […]

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Kidney Symptoms: Skin Changes Caused By Kidney Disorders and Disease

It is estimated that over thirty-five million people suffer from kidney disease in the United States alone. The numbers climb astronomically when the estimate includes the rest of the world. One of the early symptoms of kidney disease is changes in the skin. The skin is an organ, the largest of the human body. When […]

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Kidney Symptoms: Gout is Not Just a Rich Man’s Disease

In bygone days gout was considered a rich man’s disease. When you take a look at the dietary causes, it will be much easier to understand why doctors or healers believed that only rich people got gout. In reality, around ten percent of the world’s population suffers from gout. Men get gout more often than […]

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